My name is Liliana and as many of you might already suspect, I am vegan, I work in a big corporate company and I live in the city of Wroclaw. I serve two cats and own one husband. I love dance ( I was dancing Irish dances almost 10 years and for 4 years now I am being more and more addicted to classical ballet), rapier fencing (although currently I don’t have any time left for the trainings) and good literature (from Dan Simmons, Valerio Evangelisiti, through Simon Becket, Mloszewski to Meister Eckhart and Platon). I have so called “mixed” education – I hold Master of Arts in International Trade and IT Engineer title plus I have completed post graduate studies in Byzantine Sciences. In the meantime I was studying science of religions and earning professional certifications (PMP, Prince2, MoR etc. – for more see my LinkedIn profile). So as you see I am not that kind of person who likes to be bored. Therefore if there are no new posts on the Blog it probably means I am trying to catch up the topics I am behind with.

I am also believing catholic, after several years of looking for the right path and definitely this choice wasn’t the most obvious, although Poland might seem to you a very Catholic country. Well… theoretically it is, but if you look at our society you get perfect picture of what happens, when religion turns mostly into inherited tradition. But that is separate topic for a very serious and lengthy discussion.

For me being vegan is much more then just eating habits or a diet. It is the way of living, of making the right choices, of being aware how our daily actions impact everything and everyone around us both now and in the future. That is why this blog is about vegan’s life as a whole and not only about what I eat or choose not to eat. It has nothing to do with “sacrifice” or “giving away”. I know how it is to eat meat, I was a meat eater for almost 30 years. Now I know and discover each day how great it is not to be one.

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