Most people I know and surely almost all people in the corporate world work in offices. Sometimes it is 100%, sometimes 50% of our time and sometimes it is home office, but anyway with visits at the company premises.

Let’s say that on average we spend in the offices 4 hours a day (taking into account part time home office, holidays, sick leaves etc.), in Poland in 2018 we have 251 working days which gives 1004 hours spent in an office per year per person. This is equal to 41 days, which is more than a month. And this means that our “office usage” has significant impact on our environment, our health and by this on other people, on other species, therefore on the whole world. Modern world can’t afford being (or pretending to be) naïve, that what we do locally does not have global impact. It has.

Therefore, in a series of short entries I will look at different aspects of our “office life” highlighting which elements and behaviours prove our environmental and social responsibility and which show that in fact, we and/or our company does not care about the wider impact of our and/or their actions. As a “corporate animal” I will naturally put it into a slide and a table with ratings, so that you can yourself measure where on the “green scale” you are.

So, let’s start with basics, something absolutely necessary for me to start my working day – coffee. Maybe it is an addiction, I do not really care 🙂 I just love the smell and taste of fresh black coffee in the morning. So, let’s see what is acceptable, what recommended and what should never take place when we talk about coffee in the office.

Feel free to download and share the graphic!


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