The world is changing and so has changed the concept of this blog. After all, not everything has to be perfect from the start. So now instead of writing about everything and nothing, and actually not writing at all (the date of the last entry on my previous blog tells everything), I have decided to make its content much more precise. On this blog I will be sharing with you how the life of a vegan in the city looks like. How is it, to be vegan and take care of our natural environment while working in a big “corpo”, living in the city of Wroclaw in Poland, having dance classes few times a week and being humble servant for two cats. Almost forgot – and sharing my life space with my husband Gabriel (naturally vegan). What might be surprising, I am also believing catholic, but what is important – not following the current political government. I assume that most of the readers of the English version of this blog are either foreigners living in Poland or don’t live in Poland at all. So hopefully while reading about my vegan life, you will also learn a bit more about this awkward country.

One side note – being vegan is a lot about “what do I eat”, so I will also put here some receipts, however most of these will come from my husband. He is the Master Chef in our house and actually both of us are happy with this setup.

I do hope that a lof of vegans who will be reading this blog will see resemblence of their daily situations, challenges and joyful moments and will share also their experience. Because being vegan is much more then just eating habits or a diet. It is the way of living, of making the right choices, of being aware how our daily actions impact everything and everyone around us both now and in the future. That is why this blog is about the vegan’s life as a whole and not only about what I eat or choose not to eat.

I also encourage non – vegans to join me on this journey, to see that it has nothing to do with “sacrifice” or “giving away”. I know how it is to eat meat, I was a “meat eater” for almost 30 years. Now I know and discover each day how great it is not to be one. See for yourself and maybe I can encourage you to try this lifestyle. When you are vegan you save lives and this planet just by the very fact whom you are and what choices you make. Your existence becomes very valuable for this planet.

So come, join me in my city vegan life.

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