If you are English speaking and no Polish speaking person, then one thing you do miss is the possibility to read “Tygodnik Poszechny”, weekly newspaper, definitely my favorite one.  And what is even worse, you probably won’t be able to read “Jadłonomia” – book with vegan receipts by Marta Dymek and an interview with her in “Tygodnik Powszechny”. But fear not – I can shortly summarize to you who Marta Dymek is and what was the main content of the interview. I have also asked Tygodnik Powszechny to allow me to translate and publish the interview in English. If I get the permission I will naturally share.

Marta Dymek is I think the most famous vegan cuisine celebrity in Poland. Her book “Jadłonomia” already had seven reprints and second volume will be available in the bookshops soon. She quit her job at marketing corporation 5 years ago to devote herself fully to writing vegan blog, vegan cooking and travelling around the world to search for new inspirations. Now apart from two books, she also has her own TV cooking program (naturally vegan). She is an inspiration to many people trying “vegetable cooking” as she describes it, giving a fair point, that not all people who want to eat more veggies identify themselves as “vegans”.

In Tygodnik Powszechny you can find 4 pages long interview with her, where she points out several crucial topics. Apart from few vegan grill hints, which I definitely plan to incorporate during the nearest grill, she highlights how absurd is vegan cooking which requires ingredients from around the world, while you have whole variety of local fruits and veggies available, which transport and preservation don’t require chemicals and a lot of energy.

Another thing is “happy pig with chopper” illusion, which people are fed with every day. Ads are giving us visions of happy chickens and relaxed happy cows running around, just waiting to become our dinner or give milk or eggs. If you want to take the right pill and know how the truth really looks like, just watch “Earthlings” or visit Viva! Webpage.

And if you are interested in traditional Polish cuisine, you might be surprise hearing that lentil and millet were basic ingredients and meat was quite rare in daily diet.

So not to reveal more I hope I will be able and publish the translation of the Interview. And in the meantime enjoy the Sunday.

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